Everett is one month old

I can't beleive Everett is already a month old (and I know I'll be saying this every month).  I quickly snapped these pictures of him the morning he was one month old.

At one month old Everett still sleeps a lot.  He is super easy going and easy to keep happy.  He almost never cries and is content as long as his needs are met :) He melts my heart and it's so much fun having a tiny, snuggly newborn.

I'm already trying to do the whole Babywise thing with him because I'm hoping he'll sleep through the night soon :)  The past week or so he's done a 4-5 hour stretch at night, which is great.  Hopefully that keeps growing, especially since I'm back to work this next weekend. 

I thought this was a fun comparison, all of my kids at 1 month old.  Ethan and Everett are wearing the same outfit and next to the same exact teddy bear. 



Christy said…
I'm just now getting caught up from being back in town.Wow! Look how much bigger Ethan is...fun to see the photos and compare. Thanks for sharing.
Kelly said…
Okay now that I see them side by side, Everett is totally Alayna. :)

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