First Week at Home

Our first week at home was filled with hospital and doctor visits because Everett's bilirubin level was high.  We had to use a bili blanket with him at home and keep him in it non stop for almost a week.  We said he looked like a little glow worm. Thankfully our little guy has been super chill and easy.  I was so very glad to get the okay to unplug him.  I can finally get out of the house with him and also carry him around the house!  Now we can find our new normal :)

I've been super grateful for my "village".... I've had sweet friends bringing meals and gifts during our first few weeks at home and it's been wonderful!  My mom has helped with the big kids a couple of afternoons, which was nice.  She took them out to do stuff so that I could just rest at home with the baby.  Matt has been taking Ethan to school in the mornings and will continue to do so for a couple more weeks.

Of course I've been trying to take lots of pictures :)  It was hard while Everett had to be plugged in, but I took quite a few during our first few days home. We had our newborn pictures done when he was one week old, and I can't wait to see them.

This was when we first got home from the hospital :)

Checking out their new baby brother.

Alayna adores him!  Such a sweet big sister :)

While he was on the bili blanket he couldn't wear clothes, as it had to be wrapped around him and touching his skin.


Christy said…
I've been checking daily to see if you had posted. I am so happy your little man is doing well and you look AMAZING by the way. ;) We can't wait to meet him.

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