Last Weekend as a Family of FOUR

This was our last weekend as a family of four, and we enjoyed it together :)  We took the kids to the March Air Museum, something Ethan has been wanting to do for quite some time.  Him and Matt (my two techie guys), were enthralled :)  It was a neat place and we saw lots of planes that had been used in the military. 

After the museum we drove around the UCR campus, which is where Matt and I went to college and met.  It's always fun to see the changes around campus.  We found it much more interesting than the kids.  We had a nice dinner at Gourmet Pizza on the way home.  It was a fun family day :)

The Blackbird was our favorite, such a cool plane.  It still holds the record for fastest flight.

On Sunday we went to church, out to lunch, and then we went for a little hike at a new trail head in Ycuaipa.  I was hoping to hike the baby out :)  It was a perfect hike because it wasn't super steep.  The view is fantastic from there as well (although it was hazy when we went).  It's on the way to Oak Glen but still in Yucaipa in the Conservancy Lands.

Our last picture of just the four of us :)

Next up will be the baby post!  :)


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