One week old

You know that this blog is pretty much going to be overrun with baby photos for a while :)  For one, since I print my blog book every year this ensures I get lots of photos of Everett included, and for two he's just so cute that I can't help but take tons of pictures!  I wasn't a photographer when I had my last two kids, so this time around I think we'll have plenty of photos ;)

A few pictures (okay a lot of pictures, lol) from around the house with Everett at one week old.

My boys at breakfast (hence Ethan's bed head). It's so crazy that I have TWO sons now :)

Gosh I love these people :)

Ethan wanted to hold Everett so I had to snap a couple of photos :)  

Some snuggles after church :)  It's nice when you can boss your husband around and tell him to take a few photos of you with the baby, hehe.

We just can't get enough of our sweet baby. We are soaking up his sweet newborn days.


Kelly said…
Yes, I agree that pics with you and he need to be taken! I think we often forget ourselves with our kids! :)
Teresa DiMillo said…
I don't mind all the baby pictures one bit. Keep them coming!!!

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