Welcome Everett Andrew!

Everett Andrew Hekman
Born 3*24*2014
7 lbs. 8 oz.
19.5 inches long
Born 5:37 pm

My mom had a cold, hence the mask.

Epidurals are wonderful!  :)

After less than 10 minutes of pushing....
It's a boy!
We were elated to meet him :)

So that's the little one that has been occupying my belly for the last 9 months :)
So exciting to finally meet him.

Marlene brought the other two kids to meet him just a couple of hours after he was born.  They were excited.  Alayna was especially smitten :)  She kept saying "It's so joyful that God blessed us with a newborn baby boy".

Uncle Jerrod
 Auntie Jolene :)

Off to go home!  Now we are a family of five, so crazy :)


Kelly said…
Seems like yesterday you said you guys had decided to have a third! So glad the delivery went well and your family seems quite complete now. :)
Christy said…
Alayna's heart is so sweet. She nailed it on the head didn't she. :)
Thank you for sharing your special family photos.

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