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Our Kindergarten Graduate

Ethan graduated from Kindergarten yesterday.  Hard to beleive I have a first grader now!

Here is Ethan on the first day of kinder, and then the last day.  He's missing more teeth on the last day :)

The school had a very cute graduation ceremony.  Ethan doesn't love performing and gets quite shy, but he participated in at least half of the singing :)

Each student said what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Ethan said a nurse, which was totally random for the day, because normally he says he wants to be an engineer :)

Ethan with his teacher Mrs. Brandenburg.  She's been awesome for him this year and we are thankful for her, it's been a great year.
Sadly this was the best family picture we got, lol.  Both big kids looking down and the baby fussing.
Both of the Grandma's came to see him graduate.
Ethan with is friend Madyson.  I asked him if he wanted any pictures with his other buddies, but of course he said no :)
After the graduation Ethan wanted to use the…

9 weeks

I try to take pictures every single week because babies change so quickly :)  I know my blog is an overload of Everett right now, but it sure is fun to look back upon.  It feels like they are little for the blink of an eye.

A few pictures of Everett at 9 weeks old. 

Everett's 2 months stats

We had Everett's two month check up this morning and he weighed in at 11 lbs. 14 oz., and 23.5 inches long.  He put on exactly two pounds since last month. The doctor said everything looks good and he's doing well :)

Here he is looking dapper after church in his "tie" :)

He is so sweet and smiley.  He coos at us and smiles at anyone who talks to him.  Ethan and Alayna love making him smile.

Everett at 2 months old

I can't beleive he's already two months old!  We don't have his doctor's appointment until tomorrow so I'll have to come back to list his stats, but he has definitely grown :)  His eyes are still a blue/grey.  I'm very curious what color they will actually turn out to be.  His hair is starting to fill in on the top of his head :)  I'm thinking he'll be blonde like his siblings.

Here is his monthly teddy bear picture
Alayna of course had to hold him after I took a few pictures :)  She's such a little mommy to him.  She mimics everything I say and talks to him in the same voice :)

 And then look, Everett's first pictures with Cookie!  haha.  She is such a good dog :)  She was here before all of these babies took over ;)

Everett at 7 weeks old

I'm behind in posting about my little man, but I have been taking pictures :)

Mother's Day

I had a blessed Mother's Day.  Last year on Mother's Day I had no idea that this year I'd have THREE beautiful blessings. My one and only wish on Mother's Day is to usually relax, and not have to cook for anyone :)  We went to church, to Cafe Rio for lunch with Matt's mom and my mom, and then home for a nice afternoon of relaxation.  It was great.  For dinner Matt made me my choice.... lobster, steak and grilled veggies.  It was wonderful!  Matt got me this necklace (which I asked for), which has all three of the kid's names on it :)  I felt very loved and special and it was a great day.

I started coming down with Mastitis on Mother's Day, but I thought it was just a plugged milk duct.  The next morning I felt like I had the flu and felt awful.  Thankfully after a quick call to my doctor I got an antibiotic and started feeling better the following day. It was my first ever bout with mastitis, and I hope the last, as it wasn't fun!  I was …

Holland Festival

This year was the first year I was unable to attend the Holland Festival, as I had a wedding to photograph.  I was super nervous about this being that Everett was only weeks old, and I would have to leave him the whole day and somehow pump during the wedding at least once.  Plus, being so sleep deprived, I was worried I wouldn't perform as well.  However, by the grace of God all worked out perfectly.  Everett gave me enough sleep the night before the wedding (the only time he's done that in two weeks), and I hired a second shooter who worked out great.  The bride was easy and everything worked out wonderfully.  I couldn't have asked for a better wedding to photograph (plus it was my lowest package so it was only 6 hours).

Matt had all three kiddos at the Holland Festival.  He texted me pictures throughout the day, which was great :)   He had his mom there to help, and his sister Annette was there, so he wasn't alone :)  It was a very emotional day for all of them becau…