6 weeks and some smiles

Don't ever blog about your baby sleeping well, because you'll jinx yourself and that will immediately change :)  lol.  I'm very sleep deprived right now, so it's a good thing this little guy is so sweet!  It's not like he's doing terrible at night, but he's been waking up every 2-3 hours ever since I said he was doing a 4-5 hour stretch.  Hopefully it's just a growth spurt and bigger chunks of sleep at night will not be too far off!

I've started the Babywise schedule with him.... just basically keeping him on a 2 1/2-3 hour schedule during the day with the order of eat, wake, sleep.  I did this with Ethan and he slept through the night at 9 weeks, so I'm hopeful it will work the same way with Everett.  It basically teaches them to fall asleep on their own instead of nursing them to sleep. Thankfully he sleeps REALLY well in the car and when we are on the go.  Alayna screamed whenever she was in the car until she was 3 months old.  THis is good since we will be driving to Sacramento in a few weeks and then also driving to Colorado over the summer.

He really is sweet :)

He is six weeks old now.  He started smiling on purpose at 5 weeks.  I caught a little bit of his sweet smile on camera the other morning....

He totally has an old man hair line :)  Alayna actually did too, but I always had headbands on her so it wasn't as noticeable.  His eyes are still a steel blue, so it's hard to say what color they will become.

Ethan and Alayna love talking to him and holding him.  He has smiled at them quite a few times :)


Christy said…
So cute! And Ethans missing tooth is priceless. :)

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