Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Everett at 2 months old

I can't beleive he's already two months old!  We don't have his doctor's appointment until tomorrow so I'll have to come back to list his stats, but he has definitely grown :)  His eyes are still a blue/grey.  I'm very curious what color they will actually turn out to be.  His hair is starting to fill in on the top of his head :)  I'm thinking he'll be blonde like his siblings.

Here is his monthly teddy bear picture

Alayna of course had to hold him after I took a few pictures :)  She's such a little mommy to him.  She mimics everything I say and talks to him in the same voice :)

 And then look, Everett's first pictures with Cookie!  haha.  She is such a good dog :)  She was here before all of these babies took over ;)

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Teresa DiMillo said...

You got some great smiles out of Alayna with Everett, not her usual silly smiles... Too cute!