Holland Festival

This year was the first year I was unable to attend the Holland Festival, as I had a wedding to photograph.  I was super nervous about this being that Everett was only weeks old, and I would have to leave him the whole day and somehow pump during the wedding at least once.  Plus, being so sleep deprived, I was worried I wouldn't perform as well.  However, by the grace of God all worked out perfectly.  Everett gave me enough sleep the night before the wedding (the only time he's done that in two weeks), and I hired a second shooter who worked out great.  The bride was easy and everything worked out wonderfully.  I couldn't have asked for a better wedding to photograph (plus it was my lowest package so it was only 6 hours).

Matt had all three kiddos at the Holland Festival.  He texted me pictures throughout the day, which was great :)   He had his mom there to help, and his sister Annette was there, so he wasn't alone :)  It was a very emotional day for all of them because this was the first year Sid was not there.  He was passionate about Redlands Christian School and a fixture at the HOlland Festival.  Matt grew up helping and enjoying it, and it was hard for them to be there without Sid.  The other board members were sweet in remembering him and wore Hawaiian shirts in his honor (Sid wore a Hawaiian shirt every year and sold tickets for the drawing).  They also made a special paddle for mom with the number that Sid always used (number 17) and put a Hawaiian print on it.  Annette made a special quilt for the auction in the shape of a heart (because of Sid's candy hearts) and used Hawaiian shirts to make it.  A sweet person purchased it for $3,000 and then gave it back to Marlene so she could keep it.  It was special that he was remembered, and he was so very missed.


Kelly said…
That is so sweet of them to wear Hawaiian shirts. Good for Matt for tackling such a busy/hot day with all three kids! :)

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