Mother's Day

  I had a blessed Mother's Day.  Last year on Mother's Day I had no idea that this year I'd have THREE beautiful blessings. My one and only wish on Mother's Day is to usually relax, and not have to cook for anyone :)  We went to church, to Cafe Rio for lunch with Matt's mom and my mom, and then home for a nice afternoon of relaxation.  It was great.  For dinner Matt made me my choice.... lobster, steak and grilled veggies.  It was wonderful!  Matt got me this necklace (which I asked for), which has all three of the kid's names on it :)  I felt very loved and special and it was a great day.

I started coming down with Mastitis on Mother's Day, but I thought it was just a plugged milk duct.  The next morning I felt like I had the flu and felt awful.  Thankfully after a quick call to my doctor I got an antibiotic and started feeling better the following day. It was my first ever bout with mastitis, and I hope the last, as it wasn't fun!  I was glad I had at least gotten to enjoy my Mother's Day before I felt too bad.


Valerie said…
Great post :)Your blog is one of my favorites that I follow. Such a lovely picture of you and your Angels. Glad you had a great Mother's Day :)Have a great rest of the week.

Kelly said…
I love that necklace!! Your dinner choice...not so much. Hehe

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