Our Kindergarten Graduate

Ethan graduated from Kindergarten yesterday.  Hard to beleive I have a first grader now!

Here is Ethan on the first day of kinder, and then the last day.  He's missing more teeth on the last day :)

The school had a very cute graduation ceremony.  Ethan doesn't love performing and gets quite shy, but he participated in at least half of the singing :)

Each student said what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Ethan said a nurse, which was totally random for the day, because normally he says he wants to be an engineer :)

Ethan with his teacher Mrs. Brandenburg.  She's been awesome for him this year and we are thankful for her, it's been a great year.

Sadly this was the best family picture we got, lol.  Both big kids looking down and the baby fussing.

Both of the Grandma's came to see him graduate.

Ethan with is friend Madyson.  I asked him if he wanted any pictures with his other buddies, but of course he said no :)

After the graduation Ethan wanted to use the gift certificates his grandma gave him to Baskin and Robbins, so he had ice cream for lunch :)

We went out to dinner at BJ's that evening (which we did last year when he graduated from Preschool).  It was a very enjoyable dinner and Ethan felt celebrated.

Now it's officially summer vacation!!!


Kelly said…
Seems like when they are in kindergarten they are still still your "little boy". Now he's officially a big boy. :)So glad it went well!
Christy said…
Congrats on having a first grader! So exciting. :) I think when Morgan went up there she said she wanted to be a farmer ha!

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