Sea World

Somehow in my sleep deprived trance I made it to Sea World and it ended up being a great day :)  We had the opportunity to go with the homeschool group again and got tickets for only $6.00.  It was a gorgeous day and we all really enjoyed our time together.

All five of us are in this picture, you just can't see Everett in the sling :)  We were waiting for the dolphin show to start (our favorite).

Everett enjoyed being in the sling all day.  Thankfully he sleeps well in it, and sleeps well in the car too (better than he sleeps at night, lol), so that made the day managable.

I asked Alayna to stand like a flamingo :)

I'm thankful we've been able to do this, because we probably would never go if we had to pay full price.  This was the third year we had the opportunity to do this.


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