A few snapshots

It's been a while since I blogged about every day happenings, I feel a little behind.  Here are a few recent (from the last month) cell phone snapshots.

*First, check out the maternity pictures I did for the Flores family.  Isn't Jolene gorgeous?  I love how these turned out.  I'm SO SO SO excited to meet their baby girl :)

I got to get together with my sweet friend Crystal for lunch the other week.  She was in town visiting from Texas.  I haven't seen her in a few years.  We had our recent baby boys only a week apart and it's been fun to have someone to talk to all about pregnancy woes and newborn questions. Oh how I wish this girl lived closer!!!

Alayna and her sweet friends in their matching kitty dresses.  They were so cute.

On Memorial Day we went on a little hike.  It was Everett's first time on a hike outside of the belly :)  He did great.  

During the WEEK that the kids had that weird stomach bug Ethan fell asleep on the couch.  This has seriously never happened except for this time when he was sick.  I had to document it.

He's a sweetie :)  He likes to sleep with his lovey or blanket next to his face.

Everett found his hands and thinks they are fun to play with.

Her happy place.... doing artwork and creating

This was our first time out of the house after being stuck at home for FOUR days with sickies.  We were so happy to get out and be feeling well!!

 Don't mind the scratch on his face... he claws at it sometimes.

A special treat around here... root beer.  Cheers!


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