This past weekend we traveled up to Sacramento for my niece Amanda's wedding. We began the trip with excitement, hoping for a nice weekend away :)

 While it was a nice trip, it was also pretty rough.  This was our first road trip with three kiddos, and one of them an infant.  The drive up went really well.... for a while.  Everett actually did fabulous and slept most of the time.  However when we had about 2 1/2 hours to go poor Alayna started throwing up.  Mike and Heather's kids had all had it the night before, and Heather got it on the way up.  Poor Alayna was a trooper and we made it up to Sacramento.

Thankfully our accommodations were really great.  We stayed at a Residence Inn and had a two bedroom suite, for which we were very grateful. That night she was sick again, and we got little sleep between her being sick and me having to get up with Everett a couple of times.  The next morning everyone seemed at least mostly okay, so we went to Old Town Sacramento and walked around, had lunch at Joe's Crab Shack, and went to the Train Museum. I was pretty excited to get to have crab legs for lunch. 

We let the kids pick out some candy in one of the candy stores in Old Town Sacramento. 

The train museum was really neat and the kids (and adults) enjoyed it a lot. 

It was fun that we could go to the museum with cousins.

Toy trains to play with, how fun is that?

We had the rehearsal and then the rehearsal dinner that evening.  Sadly, Ethan came down with the bug and was sick that night, so we had little sleep again.  We were glad that we had gotten to at least do a few fun things during the day though.

Mom H. with her four kids :)

The next day was the wedding, and Ethan seemed mostly okay, but poor Alayna was a bit feverish and had no energy.  She spent the morning laying in bed. The wedding was at noon, so we all got dressed and headed over.  I had to carry Alayna around because she was not feeling well.  However both of my kids were in the wedding, so I really wanted them to at least walk down the isle.  You wouldn't know from how cute she looks how miserable she felt.

This was Ethan's first time wearing a boutonniere, doesn't he look handsome!

The wedding was very cute.  It took place outdoors and Amanda and her family did everything themselves... the flowers, cake, food, and decor.  It was at this cute outdoor camp along the American River.  Ethan and Alayna looked cute walking down the isle as flower girl and ring berror :)

Everett enjoyed the ceremony too, as you can see :)

Poor Mike came down with the nasty bug and had to miss the wedding :(  Heather was there by herself with her kids.  While she was video taping the ceremony the kids sat with us.  Look at all these handsome Hekman boys!

The Christensens made a cute little game with Candy hearts in honor of Papa. 

Poor Alayna, this was the best smile she could give me.  She was pretty miserable.  She sure looked pretty though!

After the wedding we headed back to the hotel, where we layed around all evening.  Ethan actually fell asleep on the couch for two hours!  This NEVER happens with my kids.  They do not sleep during the day unless they are sick. That night poor Alayna was sick again :(

We packed up and headed home in the morning and thankfully no one was sick on the way home and the drive went pretty well.  However the fun didn't end there.  Sunday night Alayna threw up once again.  Then last night I started feeling super nauseous, and Alayna felt nauseous too.  The poor girl was up for three hours last night (Monday night) super nauseous but not throwing up. This has been quite the bug! I am very ready for us all to be healthy again. I'm grateful that Matt and I stayed healthy on the trip, and that we did get to enjoy some parts of it :) 


Kelly said…
What a week! So glad you could enjoy part of the trip and the kids got to enjoy the train museum (that looks awesome!). I hope by tomorrow you are all back to normal. :(

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