12 years

Matt and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary on July 13th.  My mom came over and watched all three kids all day and we took off to one of our favorite places, Newport Beach.  It was a perfect day and we enjoyed every minute!  We layed on the beach, read magazines, dozed a little, swam in the ocean, and went out to dinner.  Perfection!

This was my first time every lugging along a pump to the beach :)  lol.

We had dinner at Newport Landing, which overlooks the peninsula. 

We both ordered a very yummy fish.  Whenever I'm on the coast it's a must to eat seafood :)

I can't beleive it's already been 12 years.  Not to sound too cheesey, but it sure has been wonderful!!!  I am thankful every day for Matt.  It feels like I hardly remember life before I was married to Matt :)


Kelly said…
How fun! I'm sure pumping wasn't the most fun, but worth such a great day. :)
Christy said…
Congrats on 12 years you two! Keep your focus on the Lord every single day and he will continue to overflow into your marriage. So exciting!

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