Fun in the water

One of our favorite parts about summer is swimming!  We are blessed that Matt's mom has a pool and we use it often.  Every Wednesday during the summer we've been going over to swim with the cousins.  The kids have a blast, and it's always nice to chat with my mother and sister in law.  I'm so thankful my kids have cousins nearby that they get to grow up with.

I dipped Everett in the water for the first time.  He didn't seem to mind.  He has no choice, he's going to have to love the water as much as the rest of this fishy family :)

Last week we also went to the Regional Park one day with friends.  I was so proud of myself for taking the kids even with a three month old baby. I had a baby strapped to me and pulled a big wagon full of all our gear down a huge hill.

I was very proud of Ethan.  Last year he was super scared of the water slides but this year he went right up and went down them a ton of times.


Kelly said…
Yes, you sure seem to not let having a small baby stop you from fun memory making with your big kids. :)
Teresa DiMillo said…
Talk about a super mom! I was going to help you and I turned around and you were already down the hill. You're amazing. So glad we are making memeories for our kids together!

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