The last of 3 months old

Everett will be four months old in a few days and I still have pictures to post from this month :)  I don't get much time to sit at my computer lately, and when I do, I'm frantically trying to get work done, so that leaves little time for much else.  Everett is at more of a high maintenance stage lately, because he can't play with toys yet or do anything, so when he's awake he usually wants to be held or talked to.  He is So smiley and sweet.

We tried out the Bumbo the other day.  He can sit in it for a bit but then starts to lean over :)


Kelly said…
I loved that Bumbo chair! They look like such little men sitting up like that :)
Christy said…
OK you two seriously need to keep making those babies. They are too cute!
Teresa DiMillo said…
The pic of him and Alayna is so precious!

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