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Around the house

Just a few cute pictures from around the house, and of course Everett is in all of them.  It's safe to say he's the main subject of my camera lately :)

Watching the race with dad
It seems hes' a fan....
Brothers. The big kids love posing for pictures with Everett :)
Matt has a pile of boys and his girly by his side :)


Family night at ACA. Everett goes to bed by 6:30 or 7:00, so poor guy was pooped.

 Baking cookies with my girlie in our matching aprons that Jolene made us.  This was an exercise is will power. Chocolate chip cookies are a weakness for me, which is why I have not baked them since starting Weight Watchers.  I am happy to report I only had two one day and two the next :)
I am so happy to have Tuesdays and Thursdays with Alayna. We went to the park this week and she was having a blast climbing these huge Live Oak Trees.  She told me she wanted to stay in them all day :)  That same day we went up to Oak Glen after I picked up Ethan from school.  We went to Snowline and had apple cider, apple cider donuts and then picked raspberries for the first time ever.  It was quite labor intensive but they were very yummy!  I think Alayna ate more than she picked, lol.

Mommy-kid selfie :) I sure am blessed to be a mom to these three!
Everett chillin' in the baby carrier
 Finished! That was …

Alayna = Elmyra

Do you remember the show "Animaniacs"?
 The character Elmyra....
 watch this clip if you forgot:
and then look at these pictures and try not to laugh.....

She loves her brother :)  And honestly he adores her too... she always says how glad she is to have a sweet baby brother and that she doesn't want him to grow up.  I agree Alayna!

Everett is 5 months old!

Our sweet little guy turned 5 months on the 24th.  Wow is time flying by!  He's sweet and squishy and we all delight in this little guy.

He started rolling over from his tummy to his back the week before he turned five months.  He now does it all the time and rolls himself on his tummy to sleep at night now. He is a strong little guy.  He loves to be in the exersaucer and loves to be a part of the action.  "Nobody leaves baby in a corner"... hehe.  Name that movie....

He has still been doing the whole 30 minute nap thing, which isn't my favorite, but I'm sure he'll pass that stage and nap better soon (just as my other two did).  This week he has taken a few longer naps and boy was it nice.

Oh how I am so happy to report that he is sleeping through the night!!!  Oh for the love, did this mama need some sleep.  Amazing how you feel like a whole new person when you are getting sleep!!!  He actually started sleeping worse, and waking up more often, and so I dec…

1st Grade and Junior Kindergarten

We started school this week. Ethan started first grade on Tuesday and on Wednesday Alayna started three day Junior Kindergarten. They were both very excited and had did great, and enjoyed school.  Alayna is especially excited to get to go to school now.

Ethan's First Day

Alayna's First Day

 I've been dreading the transition from having a child in school half day to full day.  I did great the first day because I was busy and had a dentist appointment, but the second day was not so easy.  Having them both gone and getting back in the car with just Everett was very odd.  Then after I picked up Alayna at noon and we came home I lost it and was so sad that Ethan wasn't with us and won't be with us for lunch or the early afternoon any longer.  Change is hard.  I'm sure I'll get used to it, but right now I'm sad.  I am so glad I get to have Alayna home all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays this year, it will allow us to still do some fun things :) When I picked …

Evangeline Grace Flores

I realized I never posted pictures of sweet little Evangeline! She made her arrival VERY quickly and quite dramatically at 1:30 am on August 4th.  In fact she came so fast that mama didn't even get into a room in time. She was delivered in the hall :)  Praise God for a healthy baby girl after a rough pregnancy for Jolene. They are smitten with their new daughter.

Everett was excited to meet Evangeline.  Now HekFlo party of 10 is complete :)
All these kids!!!  Such a blessing :)

Congratulations Flores family!  God is good :)