Everett is 6 months old

I cannot beleive this sweet little man has been a part of our family for half of a year already. I say it all the time, but he brings our family so much joy.  He is just a sweet, happy, smiley, loveable little guy. 

At 6 months old Everett is:
 15.5 lbs (12th percentile for weight)
27 inches long (62nd percentile for height)
Sitting up on his own for a few minutes at a time
Starting solids (he's tried avocado and sweet potato)
Sleeping 12-13 hours at night
Can put his own binky in his mouth
Rolls across the room
Is trying really hard to crawl (yikes)
Napping much better
A complete joy!!!!

And here is a picture of all three kids at six months old.  It's fun to see them side by side.  I think Everett is a mix of both Ethan and Alayna. 


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