Happy 5th Birthday Alayna!

Alayna turned five this week. I can't beleive how quickly this past year flew by with her.  Last weekend we took her to Pretend City in Irvine to celebrate her birthday, and then out to dinner.  She chose BJ's because somehow that has become their special occasion place :)  She loved Pretend City and had a fun day.

I made her homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast and she was so excited that I put fresh rose on the table just for her :)

On her actual birthday she had school, so she got to bring cupcakes.  I picked her up along with her friend Taelyn and we went to Chick fil et for lunch.  Matt met up with us as well. 

Later that evening we had a little party for her at the park.  Her cousins came and two of her little friends. We kept it simple, just had pizza and played and enjoyed the amazing rainbow cake that Jolene had brought out earlier that day. She was so cute, she looked up at me during her party and told me it had been the best birthday ever.  Thanks to everyone who made her feel special! Oh how I love my one and only girly!

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a few pictures with my little babe in the golden light :)

Everett kept trying to grab Jerrod's beard, lol


Teresa DiMillo said…
I love the picture of the three girls picnicking in the blanket. They has such a sweet friendship. Thanks for including Taelyn. She also said, "Alayna's birthday was the Best Day Ever!"
Kelly said…
I love that part about her enjoying your roses on the table. So sweet! We loved your simple birthday party too! And good job, Jolene, on your not so simple cake! It was beautiful!

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