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Everett is 7 months old

I seriously can't beleive how quickly time is flying by, this is my favorite age of babyness and it's going by far too fast!  That is probably because life is just so very busy right now, with this being my busy season and having kids in school. 

At 7 months old our little guy: -Crawls!  He is officially mobile and quite happy to be on the go -Loves to eat pureed baby food (so far he loves carrots, sweet potatoes, mixed veggies, and any fruit he has tried) -Sits up well on his own -Loves to roll around  -Drools a lot and puts everything in his mouth but has yet to cut any teeth -Needs to be in bed between 6:00-7:00... he is usually DONE for the day around 6:00.  -Smiles and giggles so very much at his Sissy, he adores her. -Is so very happy!!! Seriously, he's such a happy, sweet, smiley baby.

A Little Breather

This time of year is always crazy for me because it's my busy season, however this year is exceptionally crazy. I have to drive to RCS (in Redlands) to pick up kids three times a day Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and I have a six month old baby :)  After this week is over I will have had 6 full sessions within 7 days.  To say it's crazy is a huge understatement. I knew it was coming, and we're managing :)  I definitely appreciate the little breaks I get and this weekend was one of them.  On Sunday I had an early morning session before church, and nothing in the afternoon, so my mom came and watched the kids for three hours while Matt and I got out.  We stopped at Hangar 24 and had a couple of IPA's and then went to Eureka Burger for lunch.  We also did the grocery shopping on the way home since the week was too crazy for me to fit it in any other time.   It was great to just be alone for a few hours and talk :)  I'm so grateful that my mom does this for us sometime…

Sitting Strong

Everett has been sitting really well now for the past couple of weeks.  I took him out front to get a few pictures the other afternoon.   In only two days he'll be 7 months... time is flying by MUCH too quickly.  Gotta love the drool on his shirt :)

Forrest Falls

We went up to Forrest Falls last weekend for a little hike.  While I've been to Forrest Falls numerous times, I had never been to the lower falls until a couple of weeks ago when some clients took me up there to do photos.  I didn't realize how close it is to the parking lot.  It's so gorgeous!  We had fun walking around and Alayna would have happily stayed there for several more hours :)

Alayna was gathering acorns and putting them in this tree saying it was her squirrel tree :)

My Birthday

I turned 33 on October 5th.  It was a nice birthday :)  I took the weekend off and enjoyed time with friends and family, what more could I ask for? 

Matt's mom babysat the kids and we got to go out to dinner with Danny and Jolene on Saturday night.  We went to Proabition in Riverside, which I've wanted to try ever since it opened two years ago.  Rare is the chance we get to get dressed up and enjoy dinner with those two sans kiddos. The meal was delicious and did not disappoint.

Sunday was my birthday, and I wanted so badly to just stay in my jammies and relax for once, instead of rushing around, so we skipped church and enjoyed a leisure morning at home.... a rare treat!  We picked up lunch at El Pollo Loco with Matt's mom, and then headed up to Lake Arrowhead for a while.  We hadn't been up there for many years, and I remembered why... that drive, lol.  As someone who gets car sick a drive like that isn't super fun.  Thankfully it was gorgeous up there and we enj…
A few cute pictures of Matt and Everett playing last week.

Jenk's Lake

We went up to Jenk's Lake a week ago on a Sunday afternoon. Marlene came along with us.  It was a cooler weekend and the weather was 54 degrees up there, it was great!  I actually had cold hands! We walked around the lake twice and enjoyed the beautiful scenery :)  It's such a pretty little place.


Just a few pictures from the other week of Ethan and I scootering around out front :)  In the above picture Ethan is hopping his scooter.