Everett is 7 months old

I seriously can't beleive how quickly time is flying by, this is my favorite age of babyness and it's going by far too fast!  That is probably because life is just so very busy right now, with this being my busy season and having kids in school. 

At 7 months old our little guy:
-Crawls!  He is officially mobile and quite happy to be on the go
-Loves to eat pureed baby food (so far he loves carrots, sweet potatoes, mixed veggies, and any fruit he has tried)
-Sits up well on his own
-Loves to roll around 
-Drools a lot and puts everything in his mouth but has yet to cut any teeth
-Needs to be in bed between 6:00-7:00... he is usually DONE for the day around 6:00. 
-Smiles and giggles so very much at his Sissy, he adores her.
-Is so very happy!!! Seriously, he's such a happy, sweet, smiley baby.


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