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7 months and so happy

Tomorrow Everett is eight months old, so I had to post a few pictures I took the other week while he was seven months.  He has been having fun being able to explore on his own now!  Gosh I love his smile....

Ahhhh, seriously, just can't get enough of this sweet smile!!!!  At 7 months old I could just eat him up!  I want to freeze time.

Ethan Turns 7

Our Ethan turned 7 last week.  I can't beleive that I've been a mom for seven years now.  Kinda crazy.  7 is seeming so much older.  It's like so much of the little kid is gone.  Since Ethan woke up sick the day before his birthday we were praying he would feel good enough to celebrate on his birthday.  While he still had a cold, he did feel a little better and the fever was gone. We made him breakfast, let him open his presents, and then later in the day went miniature golfing at Castle Park.  We ended the day with dinner at Inn N Out, since one of his favorite foods is a cheeseburger.

I think Matt has enjoyed this toy just as much as Ethan.  It's pretty cool, it's a flying remote control orb thin (that we got from Costco for only $20.00... WELL worth the money).

The Flores' and my mom met up with us for mini golf.


Halloween was a day off of school for us, unfortunately Ethan woke up sick.  Poor guy.  It was a bummer.  We layed low the whole day and then trick or treated on our block.  The night before we had our annual Halloween dinner with our small group, and the kids got to come along in their costumes.  So at least they did get to wear them twice.

We have a mermaid, a puppy and Captain America.

The first time I put Everett's costume on him, he was not a fan.  hehe.  This picture makes me laugh.

We had a little more luck the next day, and he tolerated it :)

Alayna was the most excited about her costume :)  Ethan is always just so-so about dressing up.

 And I have to take pictures of everyone dressed up for our Thursday night dinner.