Ethan Turns 7

Our Ethan turned 7 last week.  I can't beleive that I've been a mom for seven years now.  Kinda crazy.  7 is seeming so much older.  It's like so much of the little kid is gone.  Since Ethan woke up sick the day before his birthday we were praying he would feel good enough to celebrate on his birthday.  While he still had a cold, he did feel a little better and the fever was gone. We made him breakfast, let him open his presents, and then later in the day went miniature golfing at Castle Park.  We ended the day with dinner at Inn N Out, since one of his favorite foods is a cheeseburger.

I think Matt has enjoyed this toy just as much as Ethan.  It's pretty cool, it's a flying remote control orb thin (that we got from Costco for only $20.00... WELL worth the money).

The Flores' and my mom met up with us for mini golf.


Kelly said…
Glad you guys got to mini golf despite him having a sick few days. That orb thing looks so cool!
Christy said…
Ahhhhh.....happy 7th bday Ethan. You are so big! Hope you're feeling better.

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