Halloween was a day off of school for us, unfortunately Ethan woke up sick.  Poor guy.  It was a bummer.  We layed low the whole day and then trick or treated on our block.  The night before we had our annual Halloween dinner with our small group, and the kids got to come along in their costumes.  So at least they did get to wear them twice.

We have a mermaid, a puppy and Captain America.

The first time I put Everett's costume on him, he was not a fan.  hehe.  This picture makes me laugh.

We had a little more luck the next day, and he tolerated it :)

Alayna was the most excited about her costume :)  Ethan is always just so-so about dressing up.

 And I have to take pictures of everyone dressed up for our Thursday night dinner.


Teresa DiMillo said…
I love that your small group gets dressed up every year. Everyone is so creative!
krista said…
I love the small group Halloween pics every year! Your kids looked super cute- fun costumes :) Are you still finding that dumb gold glitter EVERYWHERE from A's? I have banned that costume from daily wear. Ha!
Kelly said…
Those are some amazing costumes! :)

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