Beach Getaway

This happened nearly a month ago, and I've been meaning to post it.  We got to go away for two nights to stay at a timeshare in Dana Point. It was sooooooooooooo nice to get away and be together as a family.  The only way for me to really feel like I have a break this time of year is to actually go away.  We hung out, walked the beach, swam a little at the timeshare, and just enjoyed being together. 

Laguna Beach
 Only my girly would find a leaf on the beach :)

 Exploring the tide pools

That's the timeshare on the right.  It's in Capistrano Beach, right across from the beach but the PCH went by it.  It was a nice little place. 

While not quite warm enough to "Beach it", Alayna still had fun running around for a bit.

We went down to the Oceanside Pier for a while.  The kids enjoyed the swings and we watched the sun set. 

 I love my three babies!!!!

My girl.... I don't know many kids who love seaweed... haha. 

Ahhhhh.  So nice to get away for a bit to the beach, our happy place :)  After this insane month I want to go back now!!!!


Kelly said…
How did I not know you went here? How fun!! :)
Christy said…
We are so blessed to live in CA! Loving all the pictures. :)

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