Christmas Eve

Christmas was low key and relaxing this year.  It was definitely bittersweet as well.  We missed Sid, and we also rejoiced in the new family member we have this year.

On Christmas Eve we had my mom and Marlene over, and did our usual appetizers. My brother was out of town on vacation, so he was not around.  The kids opened their gifts from my mom, and a couple from us, and we had fun playing.

The sunset was gorgeous on Christmas Eve

I got Alayna a Lite Brite, something I had as a kid :)

Christmas morning I made baked french toast casserole, and we opened up our gifts together just our family. Ethan was SOOOOOO excited to receive a model train set, and Matt was equally excited to give it to him :)  He has fond memories of model trains with his own dad from when he was a boy.  This was definitely the highlight of Christmas!

Around noon we packed up and headed to Matt's mom's house to celebrate with her and the Yucaipa Hekmans.  We had a delicious ham dinner and exchanged gifts, and the kids had a blast playing together.


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