Everett is 8 months old!

I did actually take these pictures on the day Everett turned 8 months old, I've just been too busy to post them!  Time is flying, especially since this time of year is INSANE for me.  My little guy is 8 months old and boy is he a go getter!  He's still happy, happy, happy, and so much fun.

At 8 months old Everett:
-crawls around the house
-can get up and down the big stairs we have
-is starting to eat table food
-loves pureed food... his favorites are sweet potatoes, carrots, and any kind of fruit.
-drinks 2 or 3 bottles of formula a day... sad :(  He wasn't getting enough milk from just me.  We are still nursing though.
-has been waking up at night again... grrrrr.  Usually just once, but I don't like it!  I don't want to have to sleep train again.
-is a great napper!  He takes two good naps a day and then a shorter third one most days as well.
-is a GO-GETTER!  This guy is always on the move and wants to be a part of all the action.  He never stops moving.
-starting to sit himself back up after he's been crawling
-trying to pull himself up to standing on things
-will still sleep in the Baby K'tan and the Ergo carrier if we are out and about and he is exhausted


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