Everett is 9 months old

Our little guy is 9 months old today.  He has been battling a horrible cold for the past 7 days, and has not slept well at night.  I'm hoping we're at the tail end of it! Mama is tired! Last Christmas I was 27 weeks pregnant and wondering who the little person growing in my belly was.  This Christmas, we get to experience the celebration of Jesus' birth with Everett :) 

At 9 months old Everett:
-Never. Stops. Moving. He's a go getter; an active little guy.  Always squirming or wanting to crawl and explore. Changing him is like trying to work with an orangutan.
-Can almost pull himself to standing.  He pulls himself to his knees all the time but has yet to get up on his feet.
-Goes all over the house.  We have to be careful and keep him out of everything. I have dug so many things out of his mouth.
-Loves food!  He'll eat pretty much anything I give him.  He loves finger foods the most.
-Takes two good naps a day, a morning and afternoon nap.
-Gets super crabby around 5:30 and is ready for bed.  We put him to bed about 6:15-6:30.  We don't take him out in the evenings!  He sleeps until 6:30-7:00.  He is hit and miss with waking at night.  Some nights he wakes, some nights he sleeps all the way through.
-No teeth yet.
-Says the "ma" sound, "ba" sound and "da" sound. 
-Still nursing (yay!), I was worried for a bit because he was not wanting to nurse much.  However as long as I feed him enough food, he'll still nurse 4 or 5 times a day.  He has a bottle of formula in addition to nursing right before bed. 




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