Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Some randoms from this month...

-Indy went into heat.  Oh so fun.  Apparently it helps a dog mature if you let them go into heat at least once, so that's why we've waited to have her spayed.  It's been 2 weeks of this and we are over it.  When she's in the house I have been putting a diaper on her with a hole cut out for her tail, haha.  She's definitely getting spayed next month, lol.
  Sad dog. I only kept the diaper on inside, so that we didn't have blood all over our house.

-Christmas Programs.  We had three of them, but due to me and then Alayna being sick, I only attended Alayna's school performance.  The church performance and Ethan's school performance, I missed.  The cool thing is that Matt used the live video app "Periscope" to video me, and I was able to watch it live from home :)   Here are the two big kids dressed up before the church performance, and Everett jumped into the pic as well :)

-Alayna was home sick from school for two days with a bad cold.  Everett loved having her home and followed her around non stop.  She is really good and sweet with him :)

-Ethan's class led Chapel the other week.  They talked about a "kindness boomerang", where you show kindness to someone and then it keeps on going around until it comes back to you.  He helped around the house extra that week, and then we brought flowers to an elderly neighbor who lives alone.  He had to write a paragraph and read it at chapel.  It was really cute.

- We used our pool for the first time last weekend!  The water was a balmy 47... brrr.  We heated up the spa though, which took an hour to go from 47 to 100.  We all did a polar bear plunge into the pool and enjoyed the spa :)  It was so great to just walk inside after swimming and take a shower, no packing or unpacking or driving :) 

-The kids had their Christmas parties at school on Friday.  Ethan's class released balloons to Jesus and said happy birthday, which was so neat. 

50 mm

I got a new 50 mm lens recently and I was playing with it around the house.  Here are some randoms of the kids :)


I came home from a session one Saturday to find Everett "helping" Matt rake leaves.  The really funny part was he was using a discarded devil's pitchfork from Halloween to rake with, haha.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


A few randoms from lately....

A hike on one of the only Sundays I had off in November (the weekend of Thanksgiving).  It was wonderful until half way through Everett decided he was over it and screamed the rest of the time, lol. 

I tried letting him out of the backpack, but that didn't make him happy either. 

Our trampoline broke a few months back and we have all really missed it.  I told the kids I would pay half if they saved their money to pay half.  Thanks to some birthday money from my grandparents and their allowance, they were able to save up, so we went and got another one. 

I got to go along on a fieldtrip with Alayna's class to the Live Oak Christmas Tree Farm

The kids and I getting Major Brain Freeze after school one day.  Its on our way home.

Everett was quite happy to get his own this time.

One of my clients took a picture of me taking senior photos, I had this student in my class as a second grader, so it was extra fun.

I forget when this was, but it was a day off school, so we stopped by my mom's house for a visit.

Everett has been enjoying the Duplo blocks lately.  These toys have gotten a lot of miles in our house!

Climbing the olive tree in the front yard and enjoying the sunset.

Everett wants to do everything the big kids do. Here he is sitting at the counter trying to color while they do homework.

We stopped at the park one day after school while the weather was nice. 

Matt and I got to go on a much needed date night last week, as it had been far too long.  We had dinner at Citrone and a drink at Time in a Bottle.  It was nice to get out together.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Time to Swim

We have dreamed of a pool forever, and this fall we made it happen!  It's been very exciting. We've always enjoyed swimming at Marlene's, but she hopes to move to a smaller place in the near future, so now we have our very own pool to enjoy.  We are all very excited for all of the memories that will be made in this space, as we all LOVE to swim.

Once the crew started, they finished in a month!  It was super quick.  I have cell phone pictures to chart the progress.  We had the pool put into the area that was just dirt and the gazebo (which needed to be torn down anyhow).  They moved the playhouse for us and it's outside of the pool area so that the kids can still enjoy it.

Here it is with everything torn down and ready to begin construction.

The hole is dug!

Rebar.  This was right before they did the gunnite. 

After the gunnite.

Installing the tile and getting ready for the concrete deck

This was the morning they did the concrete. 

And here we are, with a finished pool! This was the day they did plaster, they immediately fill it up with water, which helps the plaster cure.

The kids are beyond excited!

And two days later, a pool full of water!

Now we have to find furniture, and then landscape and install lighting. We are glad to have the winter to do that :)

The playhouse and trampoline are over to the left outside of the pool area.  We are going to put down pavers (which used to be where the gazebo was), and also Matt is going to build a shed over there. 

So there you have it!  We can crank up the spa after it's been 10 days (the plaster takes a while to cure).  The kids waded around on the lagoon step, but it's cooooollllddd right now.  We are all very excited for summer!