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Everett is 10 months old

Our little guy turned 10 months old on the 24th. Only two more months until he's one, *sniff* *sniff*.

At 10 months old Everett: -Has two bottom teeth and a third that is just about to poke through -Can pull himself up to standing -Eats just about anything I feed him: egg yolk, avocado, beans, any steamed veggies, ground beef, chicken, cheese, yogurt, any fruit I can give him, muffins, waffles, and really anything that's soft enough for him to eat! -Loves to play peek-a-boo -Waves hello  -Is already on his fourth cold :( -Can crawl pretty quickly now -Is a wild man and is always moving -Takes two consistent naps a day -Loves to swing at the park -Loves to be pushed around in his outdoor push car -Loves to be around his siblings -Is very attached to Mama and does not like to go to anyone else (unless it's Dad). -Is such a joy!!!!

Valentine's Photos

Valentine's photos are one thing I love doing every year for my kids. While it is definitely more challenging photographing my own children, it's always worth it. I LOVE the outcome and am always so glad I go to the effort of doing this.  This year was exceptionally challenging because of a certain wiggle worm 9 month old who is very difficult to stay still. I look at these three and can't beleive how unbelievably blessed I am <3 br="">

Playing Out Front

After Ethan gets home from school and we do homoework, if the weather is nice enough we go outside and play in the front for a while.  This usually includes me and Ethan on scooters, and Alayna playing in the bushes and gathering bits of nature :) Now we have Everett in the mix, so I've been putting him in the walker (although he has yet to figure out how to make it move himself).  Ethan likes to push him around.  It's always nice to get some fresh air together.  I cherish these times so much.

Don't mind the dirty sweatshirt, no makeup and gross hair :)  Sometimes it just doesn't matter and you still need to get in the picture with your kids :)

Alayna was so excited our tulip tree started blooming.  Our little naturalist :)

Everett Around the House at 9 1/2 months old

I made it a point to keep my camera out so that I could take some pictures of Everett around the house this week.After not having any teeth he got three within two weeks, and he can also pull himself up to standing :)

He loves to play peek-a-boo and does it all the time, SO cute!

 This face cracks me up!
He seems to be taking after Matt and enjoys Popular Mechanics :)

Ethan was home sick from school and we were just hanging out in the living room relaxing.  Love these pictures of my boys <3 p="">

Eating in his high chair.

A little snuggles after his bath.

He is so proud that he can pull himself up to standing now!