Cell Phone Snippetts

A few cell phone snippets from lately.

Shopping on Christmas Eve.  We went to Home Depot and let Matt pick out his own gift :)

On our way home we randomly stopped in Oak Glen and played at the park.  Such fun. I propped my phone up and used the self timer for this shot :)  We had our whole family on the teeter totter.

Matt took almost the entire two weeks off for Christmas break (it ended up he only had to use 4 vacation days).  It was SO nice.  We really didn't do much.  It was great just to hang around the house together, take walks, we went bowling, to Costco and just did a whole lot of relaxing.  It's exactly what we all needed. There is a little walking trail behind the houses that are across the street from us and we had fun walking along it several times.

This girl amazes me.  She's been teaching herself how to read. It's so amazing how you can have two kids that are so opposite from one another. 

Before it froze and snowed over Christmas break we picked all of the oranges off of our dwarf naval orange tree.  They were SO delicious this year.

Bought this CD for myself and the kids and I have been enjoying it while we drive.

This guy LOVES to eat.  He scarfs down food and eats a ton! Here he is at Kopper Kettle this week.

A family stroll this week (with only three of us pictured). One of my very favorite things to do in the late afternoon/evening if we get a chance. 

I got to volunteer in Alayna's class this week.  She loves when I can come.  Sadly it's only my second time this school year, because I have to find a sitter for Everett in order to be able to come. 

This guy loves to swing when we go to the park :)

Happiest when she has a bit of nature in her hands :)

And lastly, my attempt at the latest trendy look :)  I was nervous to wear printed leggings wondering if I'm too old, but I think I really like them. Also, this is a really bad bathroom mirror selfie, lol.  They are definitely comfy!


Teresa DiMillo said…
I love the pic of the girls at school, it's so cute to watch them interact with their friends. I can watch Everett for you if you want to volunteer more. I bought a pair of printed leggings a few months ago, I've put them on every single day this week and changed right away thinking I looked silly, maybe I'll give them another try! Yours look super cute!
Christy said…
I think the leggings are cute. :)
Christy said…
Oh and if you ever need help with that sweet babe, I will come get my baby fix so you can help in her class.
Kelly said…
You have such a nice neighborhood for family walks :) Leggings look great!

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