Everett is 10 months old

Our little guy turned 10 months old on the 24th. Only two more months until he's one, *sniff* *sniff*.

At 10 months old Everett:
-Has two bottom teeth and a third that is just about to poke through
-Can pull himself up to standing
-Eats just about anything I feed him: egg yolk, avocado, beans, any steamed veggies, ground beef, chicken, cheese, yogurt, any fruit I can give him, muffins, waffles, and really anything that's soft enough for him to eat!
-Loves to play peek-a-boo
-Waves hello 
-Is already on his fourth cold :(
-Can crawl pretty quickly now
-Is a wild man and is always moving
-Takes two consistent naps a day
-Loves to swing at the park
-Loves to be pushed around in his outdoor push car
-Loves to be around his siblings
-Is very attached to Mama and does not like to go to anyone else (unless it's Dad).
-Is such a joy!!!!


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