A few fun randoms :)

-I read this book last month and loved it: All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr.  I enjoyed the different perspective that this book brought, as it was a WWII historical fiction novel, but told through the eyes of a young German boy and a blind French girl.  I definitely recommend it :)  Next up on my list to read is this book: The Rosie Project.  It looks like a fun read.  Thinking I might buy this one as well: Serena.  Here is a list of some books that are becoming movies soon, I just bought a couple of them.

-Confession: I binge watched The Walking Dead over the past month and a half.  I made my way through all four seasons on Netflix then watched the 8 episodes from the current season, so now I'm ready for when it comes back on TV in two weeks.  I always thought the show looked stupid, but I started watching the first one and got sucked right in and couldn't stop.

-While we're on the topic of TV.  Favorite comedy on TV right now is definitely The Mindy Project.  Matt and I crack up when we watch it.  Also, I'm SO sad Parenthood is ending.  I think that's been one of my all time favorite shows.

-Every January I try to organize and purge.  After several months of being crazy busy with work and the holidays, and then bringing more stuff into our house, all I want to do is get things clean, organized and purged!  I'm slowly making my way through my list.  My time is quite limited right now with a baby who is into everything and going back and forth to school.  But whenever I get a chance I've been working away.  I got through my most dreaded task this week: the filing cabinet.  It hadn't been cleaned out in a couple of years.  I'm so happy to have that crossed off my list! I have another huge load to go to the thrift store as well. 

-Needing to: Workout!  I haven't at all for the past three months.  Time to slowly get back into the groove!   Once the baby drops his morning nap (which won't be for several more months), I can finally go back to the gym. 

-Loving at the moment: Trader Joe's Cold brew coffee concentrate.  I keep it in the fridge and it stays good for up to a month.  I just add some milk, water, ice, cinnamon and a packet of Truvia.


Kelly said…
I wish we lived nearby and had the same schedules. Maybe having a gym buddy would make me get back into working out too. :) Cold Brew, huh? Hmmm...I just bought 4 cartons of iced coffee concentrate from Lee's, but maybe after they run out I'll give that a try. :)
Teresa DiMillo said…
Well, when you decide to start working out, maybe we can so insanity together after drop off. I have ZERO motivation. Even the fact I look 4 months pregnant hasn't made me want to work out. Maybe if I had a buddy, I'd be more motivated. :-/
Christy said…
Zero motivation here too!! Need to start back up...ugh!

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