Snow Day, New Year's Eve

The last day of 2014 was a snow day!  It actually snowed during the night, so we got to awake to a fun blanket of snow.  We got between 3-4 inches. The kids were so excited, especially since it didn't snow at all last year. They had fun playing in it several times throughout the day, and it was very pretty to look at!  I will say having a day of snow makes me so glad that we have it so infrequently.  It's super fun for a day, but I wouldn't love it all winter long. I'm glad that we can be outside a lot still in the winter.  What a great way to close out 2014!

My kids played in it in their jammies :)  

They took turn borrowing my snow boots, since they don't have any.

Alayna used her rainboots as well!  While not very warm at least she made do :)

Ethan wanted to look at snow through his microscope

Look, we have a real live ski bunny! hehe.  This was Coco's first experience with snow.

The kids had fun finding and eating icicles

Nothing says So Cal like icecles hanging from a palm tree :)

A little snow jumping!

And snow angles in jammies :)  They went from this to warming up in the bath, haha.

Do you like my flip flops in the snow?  I needed to snap a couple of pictures and Alayna was wearing my boots. 


Kelly said…
I was so bummed to be out of town for this, but then found out when we got home that it didn't even snow at our house!
Christy said…
Wasn't that fun? We didn't get the inches you guys did because the wind was blowing so hard up here it was just blowing the snow sideways! Crazy!

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