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Finishing up 10 months

I'm always behind in blogging it seems :)  I wanted to post a few more pictures of Everett at 10 months old before I move onto 11 months.

Alayna was trying to play a game on my tablet and Everett went over and stood next to her.  He wanted to touch the tablet and was quite upset when she wouldn't let him.  This series of pictures cracks me up :)

Everett is wearing a pair of jeans that used to be Matt's when he was a baby :)
Playing in the playroom at the toy kitchen.

Playing Outside in February

We've been enjoying this lovely weather... low 70's, clear and sunny. Everett loves to be outside, and so do I!  He crawls around the patio and tries to put stuff into his mouth, lol.

Recent Snapshots

We were laughing that Everett and I matched, so Matt took a picture :)
I walked out one evening from putting Everett to bed to find this sweet scene, Matt coloring with Alayna :)
This was from Martin Luther King Junior Day, when we had the day off of school.  We packed a picnic and went to Ford Park.  My mom met us for a little bit, which was nice.  The kids had fun climbing trees, exploring, and feeding the ducks.  They didn't really play on the play equipment at all :)

A Friday afternoon selfie... happy for the weekend!
You will ALWAYS find this girl with a little bit of nature in her hands, or pockets.  Do you see her filthy sleeve?  She ate a fudge bar and got it EVERYWHERE! haha.  I go through a LOT of Spray and Wash with her!

Date night last month.  We went and tried the new State on State Street in Redlands.  It had really yummy burgers, great beer selection, and tons of fun cocktails.  We both really enjoyed it.  We shared the Putin fries to start, they had cheese curd…