Everett is 11 months old

How is it possible that we only have a month left before our baby turns one??? 

At 11 months old Everett:
-Still only has two teeth
-Holds his hands up in the air when you ask him: "How big is Everett?"
-Sleeps 12-13 hours a night without waking up!  WOO HOO!
-Takes two naps a day usually adding up to a total of 3 hours or so.
-Is all done nursing :(
-Still eats anything we feed him
-Pulls himself up to standing and and can lower himself back down
-Still army crawls, but he's fast!  I have to keep long sleeves on him or his arms get all roughed up from rug burn. Good thing it's winter!
-Loves to be outside
-Loves being around his siblings, and other kids.

Some more fun pictures I took of Everett around the house shortly after I took his teddy bear picture. Playing in the dog bed.  Each of our babies has enjoyed this activity, lol.

Playing peek-a-boo with a sweatshirt, lifting it up and over his head.  So cute :)

 Alayna wanted in on this... haha.  She adores her baby brother!

Emptying out the bin of cars.


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