Everett is 12 months old!

I can't even beleive my baby turned one.  I'm in denial. Seriously. Maybe that's why I waited several days to post this. I will say, I really and truly soaked up every park of his first year because I knew how fleeting it all would be.  Despite the sleep deprivation, and adjusting, and physical work of having a baby, it is oh so sweet and gosh does it fly by.  I will say I enjoyed it as much as I possibly could!

At 12 months old Everett is:
- 20 lbs. 11 oz (40th percentile), and 30 inches (57th percentile).
-Still has only two teeth
-Still crawling, not walking yet.  He just barely started mostly regular crawling instead of army crawling.  I'm ready for him to walk!
-Pulls up to standing and gets down very easily and can creep along furniture
-Waves and points and exclaims, but we can't understand what he's saying yet :)
-Sleeps 12-13 hours at night, and takes two naps a day for a total of 3-4 hours of napping
-Loves to be let down to explore and have freedom, but since he's crawling it's not my favorite!  He ruins all his clothes and gets filthy :)
-Still eats everything... seriously... anything I feed him, he eats.  Homeboy loves to eat, and is happiest after a meal. He's my best eater yet!
-Is seriously attached to his lovely.  It gets nasty, but I try not to wash it too much, as I don't want it to fall apart!  He's also a binky boy.... loves them, just like the other two did.
-Lights up for his dad and siblings, and loves them all.

Getting a picture with the teddy bear was quite challenging this month, and sadly, this was the best I got! haha.

This kid is fast, and everywhere, and on the move (although not walking).

Peek a boo mom!

I took these right after the teddy bear pictures, playing on his new little ride a long toy.

A wave and a point all at the same time!

Oh man, that two toothed grin!  It gets me!

And one last pic, playing in Sissy's bed, while she's still in her jammies :)


Christy said…
What a fun year for you all and man he's cute!

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