Everett Turns One!

We celebrated Everett's birthday a few days before he turned one.  It was simple, just our family and the Flores', some food, hanging out, and cake and some presents for our little man.  Matt smoked a couple of pork shoulders, and Jolene brought the cake and cupcakes :)  The kids had fun running around playing.  It was a great little time celebrating our sweet boy!

 Everett's first time in our little bounce house :)

Cousins jumping on the trampoline

Getting some love from his Grandma's

Everett and his lady friend Evangeline.... 4 months apart

And the cake... I had to post a bunch of pictures, because it's so darn cute when they eat their first cake :)

We fed him a few bites so that he'd get the idea.

He approved!

And his scrunchy face... it's so funny!

I'll post his monthly stats next and get all sappy in that post ;)


Christy said…
Happy 1st birthday sweet boy! I LOVE the scrunchy face!

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