First week solo with three kids

Matt used to have to travel several times a year, but this past year he hadn't had to at all, which I was very glad about!  Last week he had to be in Ohio for the week, so I had my first week solo with three kids!  We survived the week, but I was VERY happy to have him back home.  We all missed him a lot. 

 This picture is hilarious, it was the first morning Matt was gone... ALayna and Everett smiling, Ethan mad at Alayna because she apparently copied him in holding her hands up with the I Love You sign, haha.

The week was extra hard because we had just lost Cookie, so the house felt extra lonely.  My sweet friend Jolene sent me these flowers to cheer me up. 

I took the kids to Chuckee Cheese one day after school.  

A visit to the park... where Everett loved playing in the mulch.

Mommy/baby selfie!

We met up with my friend Kelly and her kids for a hike at the trails at Oakmont Park in Redlands one day after school.  It was such a beautiful day, with clear skies and the green grass everywhere.  The views from the top of the trail are great.

 The kids may or may not have eaten Del Taco three times within the week, haha.  Other than that we did well! We were OH so happy to have Matt return.  Since he had left 4:00 am Sunday, and got home late Thursday night, he didn't go into the office on Friday.  We got to enjoy a nice little lunch date at Bonitas in Yucaipa while the big kids were at school.  Everett enjoyed it as well :)


Kelly said…
That first pic of Ethan glaring is priceless! Glad you survived and we could help with one activity to keep you busy!
Christy said…
So glad you made it ha! it's tough being alone for sure but hey a little Del Taco goes a long way. :)

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