Goodbye Cookie

We found out that Cookie had Lymphoma only a month or so ago.  We knew with that prognosis that it was the end. I think part of us hoped she'd somehow pull through, but she continued to get worse and worse.  We knew it was the end, so we made the sad, sad appointment to have her put to sleep.  We cried lots of tears and took her in, gave her lots of last pets and love, and held her while she went. She was only ten years old.  We thought she'd make it a little longer than that.  But oh boy was she ever a great dog for the years she was here.  We miss her a lot and the house seems empty without her.  She was my little buddy for the past ten years, always by my side.  I keep looking down expecting her to be there. 

I took a few pictures of her knowing it was her last few days....

And the morning before we took her in, the kids said goodbye.... so sad.

A little collage of her.... she was so good with our babies and our bunnies.  Such a smart, gentle, fun, energetic, loving dog.  

We will always fondly remember our Cookie!


Christy said…
I'm so sorry friend, we loved cookie. I remember when Ryanne was a toddler and she snuck her all those chocolate animal cookies and you got all kinds of surprises in the middle of the night ha! I felt terrible!
Teresa DiMillo said…
This made me cry reading it, we don't realize how present and important our furry family is until something like this happens. I'm sorry friend.

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