Playing in the rain

Last week it rained for a few days off and on.  When Alayna and I got home from school she wanted to go play in it for a bit, so I snapped a few pictures :) She was very excited about the "squishy mud".

I was walking by her room the other day and snapped this.  She was coloring on her bed.

Oh how I adore this sweet daughter of mine. I have LOVED the past two years having her to myself for times during the week while Ethan is at school.  Next year she will be in full day Spanish Immersion kindergarten, so I'm soaking up the last few months of the time I get with her!  Her sweet personality really gets to shine when her overbearing older brother is at school :) She is just so easy to have at home with me.


Christy said…
So sweet! What a neat relationship you two will have as she grows up. Love being a mama of daughters. Be blessed friend
Teresa DiMillo said…
She is such a sweet girl. I love her freedom!

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