Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Indy the Pup

Here are some pictures of Indy's first couple of days around here :)  It's crazy how quickly puppies grow, in two months she'll be nearly full grown!  She's only 8 weeks old here in these pictures.  Everyone is loving her!  Also... puppies are a lot of work and we haven't gotten a good night sleep yet, lol.  We are working hard on training her and refreshing our puppy training skills.

 She has lighter colored eyes, kinda cool

In true puppy fashion, she plays super hard, then crashes super hard :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jerrod Turns 30

Jerrod turned 30 a few weeks ago.  We celebrated him by making some yummy BBQ ribs.  He didn't want a cake, he wanted his favorite snickerdoodle cookies, so that's what I made :) 

Teasing the kids with his beard....

My mom's oldest sister Patsy and her husband happened to be in town visiting that weekend since Patsy was between treatments, so they come over as well :)  It was nice to visit with them.

And since my brother is one of the five people who read this blog: I pray 30 is a great year for you bro!  Love you!

Monday, April 27, 2015

A Weekend Away

Matt and I were able to go on a much overdue trip away together.  It had been close to three years since we've been away overnight without the kids.  We've been looking forward to it for weeks.  I was a little bummed  that the weather turned colder and cloudy, but it ended up being nice enough to enjoy. We stayed at a lovely beachfront place in Oxnard, and it was worth every penny.  It's one of the few beach front resorts that is truly on the beach that we could find.  We got a room that overlooked the ocean and it was so great.  We love being at the beach and find it so relaxing.

On our way to Oxnard we stopped in LA and had lunch and beer at Golden Road Brewery, which Matt wanted to check out.  We've bought their beer before.  The food was amazing and my favorite part was probably my dessert... a delicious croissant bread pudding with caramel sauce and fresh whipped cream.  Worth
the splurge!

We then decided to swing by Griffith Park Observatory.  Neither of us had been there since we went for our first Valentine's Day together 15 years ago. It was fun and we enjoyed the view despite it being cloudy.

We got new phones and one of the features is that you can take a wide selfie, kinda fun.

And there's the Hollywood sign in the background.  

We got to our hotel and checked in and promptly walked on the beach.  We enjoyed the complimentary hotel happy hour, then we ordered pizza to our room, sat on our balcony and watched the sun set, and then sat in the spa.  So relaxing!

The view from our balcony.... ahhhhhh

The sunset from our balcony

The next morning we enjoyed the complimentary breakfast, rented bikes and explored the area for an hour and a half, which was so much fun.  I haven't ridden a bike in a year and a half!!!  We then strolled around the beach some more, and then layed by the pool and relaxed in the spa. It was wonderful, just how we like to roll!

The morning view!

My view at the pool :)

My view at the beach :)  Although we did have sweatshirts on, it felt nice, but was a bit too chilly to take them off.

We went out for dinner that night and had THE BEST fish either of us had had in a long time.  It was so amazing.  It was a freshly caught sea bass with an almond crust, drizzled with a berry compote and some sauce.  Oh my.

I tried a spicy margarita.  It was SO yummy and super spicy, we both loved it.

The next day we had to check out and head to Modesto to pick up our puppy the following morning. We drove up the coast a bit, had lunch at the Firestone restaurant and brewery near Solvang.  Then we stopped in at Rabbit Ridge winery in Paso Robles, since that is one of our favorite wines that we buy from Trader Joe's.  It was fun to taste their other stuff.  

 We then headed to Modesto where we stayed the night (thankfully for free because we had a voucher), then headed out first thing Sunday to go pick up our puppy.  After picking her up, we drove straight home.

We named her Indy (short for Indigo), because she is a blue tri Rat Terrier. She's a sweetie and we love her!  As if my life wasn't crazy enough with a baby who's into everything right now, lol.  It's just been sad not having a dog.

The kids were so excited to meet her! 
 I'll post lots more pictures of the puppy soon, don't you worry!  :)

We were so so so grateful to be able to get away together.  We realized it needs to happen again this summer :)  It was so great to be able to actually relax, talk, do what we wanted, and just hang out.  We were so thankful to my mom and Matt's mom for helping with the kids!