Cadet Campout and Morongo

Matt took Ethan to his very first Cadet Campout last weekend.  Ethan had built a rocket at Cadets, and they got to fire them. They also got to shoot pellet guns.  A family from our church let them have the campout at their dairy, so they were only 30 minutes away, and they had tons of space.  It worked out well. Precious memories were made, and I'm so glad Matt could take Ethan to do this.  Matt was involved in Cadets when he was a kid, so he has fond memories as well.

 Saturday I got to go to Casino Morongo with Faith.  Her girls babysat Everett and Alayna so that we could go. She will be moving to New Mexico in a few weeks so we had to take one last chance to lay in the sun together, especially since we never went to Glen Ivy for our birthdays this year.  It costs $30 to get into the pools for the day.  It was super fun and relaxing and the weather was perfect.  It's like a mini Vegas :)  We layed in the sun, floated in the lazy river, ordered lunch from the bar, had a couple drinks, and talked non stop :)  To say I'm sad she is moving is an understatement.... :(


Kelly said…
It doesn't look like Morongo was that crowded. Nice!! That is such a great father/son outing. :)
Christy said…
Love seeing the boys being boys at the camp out. Good luck to Faith and her family!

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