Jerrod Turns 30

Jerrod turned 30 a few weeks ago.  We celebrated him by making some yummy BBQ ribs.  He didn't want a cake, he wanted his favorite snickerdoodle cookies, so that's what I made :) 

Teasing the kids with his beard....

My mom's oldest sister Patsy and her husband happened to be in town visiting that weekend since Patsy was between treatments, so they come over as well :)  It was nice to visit with them.

And since my brother is one of the five people who read this blog: I pray 30 is a great year for you bro!  Love you!


krista said…
Am I number 2? ;) I am still reading! Just really bad at commenting.
Jerrod said…
hahaha, thanks Sis! The beard does look a lot better now with having gotten it groomed last week. It looks a little wild in these pictures :) Thanks for hosting my birthday this year :)
Christy said…
Can I be number 1? Just kidding! Happy birthday Jerrod! I still remember sitting at Marie Calender's with you and your family when you were like 10 years old and sharing my fries with you! :)I'm pretty sure that's when we fell in love with your family. Be blessed this year.

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