Last week we got to attend a ceremony put on by the Loma Linda University Medical School.  Sid donated his body to the medical school, and the ceremony was in honor of all of the people who have donated.  They actually use the body for two whole years.  Crazy huh?  It was such a neat service, and so touching and Christ centered.  There were about 8 different medical students who spoke and gave such nice speeches, thanking the donors for helping them learn.  Annette and Dan both came out and so it was nice to have everyone there for the service.  Two of Sid's brothers came as well (the two who live in So Cal).  Afterwards we all went out to lunch at BJ's. 

Later that evening we all went over to Marlene's for dinner.  It was nice to spend some time together.

Alayna and I got our hair cut.  We got four or so inches cut off Alayna's hair.

Everett splashing in the fountain.  I'll post pictures of this area that we've been working on when it's finished :)

Everett was excited to discover some dirt the other day in the backyard.

 He was also excited to eat it, lol... yuck.  That makes two kids who have loved eating dirt.

Alayna and Taelyn in their matching kitty dresses at school :)

Teresa and Lea and I met up for lunch at Noodle 21 on Lea's birthday.

My big boy

A quick stop for ice cream after school one day.  Everett enjoyed a few bites too.

Happy hour that same evening.  Kelly and Lea's birthdays are actually on the same day, so we celebrated both of them :)  Love when we can get together sans kiddos.

A treat for my sweetie.  She's enjoyed getting spoiled on her days off this year.  I'm going to miss my one on one time with her!

And tomorrow we leave for three nights away without kids.  We haven't been away without kids since we went to Hawaii nearly three years ago!  So crazy!  We are VERY excited :) 


Kelly said…
That is such a neat ceremony they do and very touching that he would be honored in such a memorable way for your family. :) I'm super excited for you guys and your getaway too!!!!
Christy said…
So fun! Hope your time away is blessed!

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