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Everett Outside

The one week of warm weather we've had we enjoyed :)  Everett got to splash in some water and eat like a big boy at the picnic table.

He looks so big here to me!

I love this photo of his little feet dangling :)

And this is what you call a white trash swimming pool, lol.  He happily played in this for 20 minutes, which is an amazing amount of time right now for him to be happy doing something.
It started like this...
And turned into this :)


We've all been sick with a cold for the past two weeks and are ready for everyone to be healthy!  It's been so crazy trying to train a puppy with three kids as well, lol.  I'm still not quite sure what I was thinking. We are definitely making progress, but I won't say it's been easy!  To top it off Everett has been kinda hard the past couple of months and mostly wants me to carry him around everywhere, which isn't so easy!  He is almost 14 months old and I am VERY ready for him to walk.   

Just some random snapshots from the past few weeks....

Some puppy selfies....

I've been taking her to pick up Ethan from school a couple of times a week so that she gets used to riding in the car.  Crazy hair day at school.  Ethan and his cousin Clayton.
The Holland Festival.  Last year I didn't get to go because I was photographing a wedding.  This year it was great and thankfully the weather was so nice that day (unlike the rest of May).  I didn't take many pi…

Mother's Day

I had a nice Mother's Day.  I felt very loved and so blessed :) I got my wish and the gloom cleared out and the sun shined and I got to enjoy being outside.  We've been passing around a nasty cold in our house and both Everett and Alayna were sick, so we I stayed back from church with them.  My mom stopped by for a bit and we gave her a gift and had coffee. 

When the boys got home from church we went up to Los Rios in Oak Glen and had lunch with Matt's mom and her sister and husband.  It was nice time.  We meandered up to the pond and enjoyed the lovely outdoors.

For dinner Matt made me steak and a lobster tail, baked potato and asparagus and I got to enjoy it outside.  My wish on Mother's Day is always just to relax and have dinner made for me :)  It was so nice.

The kids got me this bird book :)  I've been wanting a bird book so that we can identify the birds we see.  I love it. I joke that bird watching is my nerdy hobby.  I always notice birds and love watching…

Goodbye Oates

I am behind in my blogging, and the reason is I've felt like I've been in a fog.  Oh, and adding a puppy to the mix has definitely made my already days much busier.  Life feels kinda crazy right now.

 For the past couple of months I knew the Oates would be moving, but I didn't dwell on it because I figured I'd deal with it when it happened.  Well, it happened.  They moved to New Mexico a week and a half ago. While it is a very good thing for their family, and we are thrilled for them, we are very heartbroken to have them so far away.  They have been a part of our daily lives for the past decade.  I have almost felt like someone died with them leaving.  I've been flooded with memories that we've created together in these past ten years, and I just can't stop feeling sad.  I know we will be able to see them, but it will only be a couple of times a year, if that, instead of weekly... so that is hard to get used to.  To top it off, the weather has been dark, co…

Mud Mouth

Everett recently discovered the dirt, and he is a fan!  Sometimes some of the dirt ends up in his mouth, just like his sissy at that age! lol.

When the binky came out, the dirt went in....