Goodbye Oates

I am behind in my blogging, and the reason is I've felt like I've been in a fog.  Oh, and adding a puppy to the mix has definitely made my already days much busier.  Life feels kinda crazy right now.

 For the past couple of months I knew the Oates would be moving, but I didn't dwell on it because I figured I'd deal with it when it happened.  Well, it happened.  They moved to New Mexico a week and a half ago. While it is a very good thing for their family, and we are thrilled for them, we are very heartbroken to have them so far away.  They have been a part of our daily lives for the past decade.  I have almost felt like someone died with them leaving.  I've been flooded with memories that we've created together in these past ten years, and I just can't stop feeling sad.  I know we will be able to see them, but it will only be a couple of times a year, if that, instead of weekly... so that is hard to get used to.  To top it off, the weather has been dark, cold and gloomy since they've left (except for a couple of days) and it hasn't helped me feel any better!

This was the week they moved, Alayna and Everett and I went over to help pack the garage for a few hours.

The night before they left, our small group helped pack up their moving van.  We all prayed for them in the driveway before leaving, and we all sobbed.  It was such a hard night.  It's so so sad not having them at our Thursday night dinners anymore.

I got to video call Faith last week and she showed me around her house and the camp facilities, and it really is a gorgeous place.  We really want to go visit them as soon as we can. 

I took their family photos the week before they moved.


Christy said…
Oh girl, I'm feeling your gloomy funk with this weather and I'm sorry your friends moved away. :( I really hope they all do well in New Mexico and you can go visit them soon.
Kelly said…
I can only imagine saying goodbye to someone you've shared so much life with. Where they are sounds just up your alley, vacation-wise. :)

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