Mother's Day

I had a nice Mother's Day.  I felt very loved and so blessed :) I got my wish and the gloom cleared out and the sun shined and I got to enjoy being outside.  We've been passing around a nasty cold in our house and both Everett and Alayna were sick, so we I stayed back from church with them.  My mom stopped by for a bit and we gave her a gift and had coffee. 

When the boys got home from church we went up to Los Rios in Oak Glen and had lunch with Matt's mom and her sister and husband.  It was nice time.  We meandered up to the pond and enjoyed the lovely outdoors.

For dinner Matt made me steak and a lobster tail, baked potato and asparagus and I got to enjoy it outside.  My wish on Mother's Day is always just to relax and have dinner made for me :)  It was so nice.

The kids got me this bird book :)  I've been wanting a bird book so that we can identify the birds we see.  I love it. I joke that bird watching is my nerdy hobby.  I always notice birds and love watching them wherever we go.

A few months back I told Matt I would LOVE if we had our fountain from our other house installed by Mother's Day.  Since moving to this house we had never hooked it up, we could never figure out a place.  The place we put it used to be just dirt.  Matt put in pavers, and hooked up these pots we also had from our other house, and got the fountain hooked up.  We planted the pots last week and everything looks so nice.  I love it!


Christy said…
Glad you had a nice Mother's Day friend! Your yard is really coming along. :)
Kelly said…
What a perfect and relaxing day. I also love the sound of a fountain. :)

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