We've all been sick with a cold for the past two weeks and are ready for everyone to be healthy!  It's been so crazy trying to train a puppy with three kids as well, lol.  I'm still not quite sure what I was thinking. We are definitely making progress, but I won't say it's been easy!  To top it off Everett has been kinda hard the past couple of months and mostly wants me to carry him around everywhere, which isn't so easy!  He is almost 14 months old and I am VERY ready for him to walk.   

Just some random snapshots from the past few weeks....

Some puppy selfies....

I've been taking her to pick up Ethan from school a couple of times a week so that she gets used to riding in the car.
 Crazy hair day at school.  Ethan and his cousin Clayton.

The Holland Festival.  Last year I didn't get to go because I was photographing a wedding.  This year it was great and thankfully the weather was so nice that day (unlike the rest of May).  I didn't take many pictures.

Alayna with her teacher and two friends/classmates

It did not take Indy long at all to figure out that good things come from the highchair, lol.

This guy.... this was after he chowed down on homeade waffles.  I'd say he looks content, hehe.

I bought myself a nice new hand vacuum, so I was going to throw out this crummy old Dust Buster.  I let Ethan take it apart first, which of course he enjoyed :)

This was after he'd tried his very first donut :)

Dinner with our Flores'. It doesn't happen so often these days with such busy schedules, but I sure love it when it does!

The babies... not the best picture but it's all I got!

A little frozen yogurt date with my big guy.  One on one time is so nice. I love that he still wants to snuggle me all the time.

Everett was so excited the other morning when I let him play in the sand for a bit at school drop off.  He was heartbroken when I pulled him out to leave.

We went on a nice little hike this past Sunday in  Wildwood Canyon State Park.

I love that Everett participated in the selfie!  It's so cute :)


Kelly said…
That is the cutest little peek Everett is giving in that last picture! That is so sweet that Ethan still loves snuggles. :)
Jerrod said…
Everett looking like a stud back there...haha...cute
Christy said…
Okay so great, but the last picture is my favorite because he is doing his first photo bomb ha!

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